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What is the Social Stock Market? Visit Empire.Kred/MLENS

What is the Social Stock Market?

The Empire.Kred Social Market is a fun game built around social media using virtual currency. Individuals and Businesses can use the game to “invest” their currency in other profiles and create a connected Portfolio of profiles that span multiple networks from Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Flickr and more. The more people you invest in and the more you invest in each person, the deeper your connections. The following is what you can accomplish by playing the Social Market game on Empire Avenue:

  1. Drive engagement across multiple networks. Investments on Empire Avenue can lead to connections in all the other networks you and your investments might be active in
  2. Earn Eaves by playing the market so you can use it to drive further engagement or derive real business value by promoting yourself or business to new networks
  3. Use the Network Scores and Share Price concepts to see how to improve your Social Media standings
  4. Connect with some of the top Social Media people using the game mechanics rather than seeking intros
  5. Have some fun!