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Artist Karyn Alise Vogelpohl, Renascentia

Renascentia is an oil painting on paper depicting feminine forms deeply embedded within transparent and opaque layers of paint which describe the essence of fabric. Renascentia is the Latin terminology for the word "rebirth". This piece is a metaphorical reflection of a personal spiritual rebirth.  - Karyn Alise Vogelpohl
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ArtPrize Artist: Krista Schoening

My entry is a large-scale flower painting -- part of a body of work which springs from my dual interests in old-fashioned garden flowers, and seventeenth and eighteenth century European botanical still life. This ten-foot round canvas is based on one of the varieties of dahlia I am growing in my garden: the "chocolate" variety of "Karma Dahlia." Dahlias interest me, in part, because we cherish and propagate their gaudy mutations. They are among the species whose reproductive success is due, in large part, to their ability to seduce humans into propagating them in large numbers. I like this strange inter-species relationship. The flower itself, becomes art, with the plant's genetic material as medium.

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ArtPrize Instagram Contest - Top Ten!

This year for ArtPrize, Experience Grand Rapids hosted a Grand Rapids Instagram contest. To enter, participants included the #ExperienceArtPrize hashtag in their Instagram photo caption while sharing their ArtPrize experiences. The top 10 have been chosen by Experience Grand Rapids and their chance to win a Grand Rapids prize package is up to your vote. Fill out the short form below and vote for your favorite Instgram photo! Voting will end on October 14, 2012 at 11:59pm. Winner will be contacted on Monday, October 15, 2012

The instagram photo I submitted made the top ten!! The "Bird Feeder / Silverware Eagle" #7 if you would like to vote! 



ArtPrize: How do I vote?

ArtPrize awards a total of $360,000 determined solely by public vote. This turns everyone from passive observer into active participant. Voting is free and open to anyone 16 years of age or older.

How the public vote works:

  • Round 1 (Sept. 19 – Sept. 29): 11 days to explore ArtPrize and vote for the entries you think should win. 
  • Round 2 (Sept. 30 – Oct. 4): 5 days to cast one vote for your favorite of the Top 10 entries.

How do I vote?

Voting does not open until Wednesday, September 19 at 12:00 p.m. EDT.

Anyone can have an account on, but to keep everything fair, all voters must activate their account in-person with a valid government-issued ID.
Once activated, you can vote three ways. Try them all:

  1. Visit – Sign in on your computer or mobile device. Search for the artist, or enter their artist number.
  2. Text Message – Vote by SMS text messaging if you register your mobile phone on Once registered, send the artist’s Up or Down number to 808080.
  3. Free Mobile App – Download the ArtPrize iPhone app from the iTunes store or the Android app from the Android Marketplace.